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Sere Nate and I set out this morning to get some Lings on the fly. The bay had some good chops to it but by the time we got to the breaker it provided some decent shelter from the wind.
We started casting with motor in neutral by the rocks but that didn't last long and soon drifted away from the ideal spots so then we had to do a combinations of trolling to different positions and anchoring up.
When we reached the other end of the breaker we anchored up in about 30ft of water. This time letting the 30ft of T20 sink all the way down and letting it sat for a few minutes I started a slow retrieve, line came tight and fish on!
Little Ling dude bent the rod pretty well for his size, got him up in the boat for a quick pic and released. That was the only fish we managed to get, very slow fishing, but at least we didn't get skunked.

Very nice to have caught a Ling on the flies that I tied but it was no fun casting all that tungsten. That stuff is heavy but necessary to get the fly down to the bottom. Kudos to Nick for the rigging tip, super easy to do on the rolling boat. Snagged a few times, lost a fly but managed to get back the others, circled octopus hooks are great!
Called it a day and took the scenic way back to dock. It was nice to meet you Nate!

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What a fun day! Thanks again for letting me join you.
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