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Lining a Sage 99 5wt

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I just picked up a 5wt Sage 99 rod for a very good price and wondered if anyone has a 99 series rod and will share what line(s) you find to be effective. I already have the Sage 230 grain indicator line for my 5wt Sage switch rod, and hope this works well on this rod. I will be using this rod only for indicator fishing with nymphs with droppers.
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How about a Rio "Nymph" line. Kind of obvious, but I have that line and like it for nymphing, of all things.
The standard Rio Grande series lines work very well for throwing nymph rigs and doubling as streamer floating lines. They are overbuilt by .5 weight - thus the 5 weight is actually a 5.5. After you throw that rod for awhile, you may reconsider only fishing it in nymphing applications. It's a smooth casting rod that is a joy to throw streamers from the boat with!
I have a 10' 6 weight XP and I use the SA SH taper, I know the rod actions are different (to some degree). The SA SH taper would be one to consider, it is great for roll casting and from my experience they are a very durable line. The ones I have are not the sharkskin series, those might be better(?) Have you contacted sage and asked them for their line recommendations? They will answer your question, it might take a couple of days. They will usually guide you to one of their lines or a Rio product. In a way I'm surprised they have not produced or marketed a line for this series of rods. Good Luck!
Thanks for the replies and the link to youtube. I did call sage and they immediately directed me to their new nymph line which was designed for this rod and after a few more questions, said any 5wt line will do and it is not necessary to overline the rod as it's a true 5wt.

I think I have decided on the new Rio Indicator line and will most likely purchase it once the rod comes hopefully by weeks end. I am hoping to give it a ty in 2-3 weeks, I'll post how it feels. The new dropper beads from Gamakatsu sound interesting. http://www.gamakatsu.com/new_products/new_dropperbead.htm I think I'll order up a package of the small beads to try.
I've spent some time with the 6 weight version of this rod and have a contrarian opinion. I casted the rod with both a standard line and a short head shooting line that I made specifically for Alaska bead fishing (the ultimate junk in the trunk). I thought the rod was only so-so with the standard line, but it really came alive with the short head line. The rod's power comes from a lower point than most others, so the more compact head required much less line in the air to harness that power. Anyway, one person's opinion.

You may already have the ideal line with your 230 grain indicator line - I'd spend some time casting that line on the 99 before deciding to purchase anything different.
good choice. The rio indicator line was made for the 99 series. Perfect match.
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