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Have only managed to get out a few times so far this Summer. Even the streams that are not so easy to get to seem to getting more than their fair share of traffic, and pressure, this year.

So, it seems the old secret spots are not so secret anymore, and the new secret spots take a little more effort to get to. All in all, still a privilege and a blessing to experience.

Fishing a 3wt (superfine glass) for the 1st time ever this year. Love it! The slower action really suits my casting style and it's a blast with the smaller trout that I manage to catch. There were a few taken from this stretch of stream, including a monster 8" cutthroat that really put a bend into the rod. :) The babies were taking dries, the bigger ones liked a nymph. It was late afternoon though & I imagine dries would have been effective for all, later into the evening.

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1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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