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Loading/unloading pontoons onto SUV's

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I have a question. I recently bought Mumbles old pontoon boat (which works great). I have loaded the boat onto the top of my SUV by myself, and I am noticing abrasion on the paint were I lean the boat and then push forward. Are there any tricks or material that could be placed in the that area for protection?
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Cheez, without a bare roof like yours I'd recommend an old blanket. Shake it free of debris so that you're not grinding anything into your paint. Once you get it in place You can lift one side, push the blanket into the middle, then the other. Pull the blanket out the back, shake it out and strap that bad boy down. You can repeat the process for unloading. I was lucky enough to have a rack, so once I got it lifted to the edge of the rack I could push it on or pull it off with ease. Glad to hear that toon is working well for you. I've not yet gotten my water master wet...soon!
I found bungeeing a tarp to the rack provides a slick 'ramp' to your rack and protecting your paint from the sand and grit that adheres to the pontoons is the easiest (short of purchasing a loading-assist device like they use for canoes).
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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