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Lone 5/17

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I was able to get out for a couple of hours on Tuesday May 17. I arrived at the lake around noon. The wind was up a little but not bad. I talked to a gentleman taking a lunch break. He had fished all morning and was rewarded with a few. He mentioned that it was kind of slow and was hoping things would pick up. A nice guy.

I got on the water to find the water temp at 64 on the surface. There were small blooms of algae but not bad. I fished a carey special for awhile at first. It was generally slow fishing by the point. I hooked my first down by the dock by the point. It was a very nice fish about 21". I picked up a couple of more around 14-16" but the hits were few and far between. I tried a number of patterns to increase my odds. Nothing seemed to be hot.

Then about 1:30, the wind died down and the sparrows came out. I switched to a blood worm and a chironomid pattern fished on a full sinking. I then started to pick up fish at a faster rate. Most of the fish were 16-18" which is better than I was seeing in the fall last year. I picked up one that was closer to 12". All in all, the fish seemed to be healthy and strong. I good sign. Most of the fish hit the blood worm.

I pulled out about 2:30 as I had other commitments. I would have loved to have stayed. It was just starting to get really good. Water temp was 67 when I left.
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