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It was really windy, but I went anyway. When I got to the lake two other guys were putting in and it was windy. I rigged up my new rod and headed out on the lake and into the wind. It wasn't easy rowing because it was windy. I finally got in position to wind drift, did I mention it was windy? Twenty feet into the drift and the new rod bows up and begins to pulse, fish on! A healty 15 or 16" rainbow came almost to hand and got the Thin Mint Beadhead out of it's jaw seconds before I could. Back to wind drifting, Bam, and I ain't talking Emeril Lagasse either. Another 16" or so 'Bow. This one comes to a wet hand and I enjoy it's coloring before releasing it. Handsome fish. A few minutes rowing back upwind to set up for another drift seems like hours at times the wind pushes my pontoon backwards. In two more drifts by the large poplar on the east shore I bring two more nice fish to the boat. I finally conceded to the wind and head home with 4 "notches" in the new rod.
The new rod fishes nicely but the casting is drastically different than my other rods. It's a 9 foot, 5 weight, medium to full flex IM6 blank by Rainshadow. I will probably use it for sink lines and trolling until I get used to it's slower casting property. The seat by REC is nickle silver with a Cocobolo insert, it offsets the deep green blank nicely. Building my own rod is close to doing it all myself, although I don't think I'll build a reel(like I could). Next are some faster and lighter rods, 3 or 4 weight in traveler sections, maybe a St. Croix Ultra blank. We'll see.
So, where were the rest of you...
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