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I fished Lone yesterday, not many fish, but the last one was worth the trip. It never fails, about the time I feel sorry for my self about not catching many (or any) fish, I get slammed. This was no exception. I took a little 3 weight because my last trips showed a 5 weight to be too much for most of the smallish fish I find there. Well, Mr. Rainbow slammed the little size 18 black Chironomid and spun a neat little rats nest in my reel. I let him take the line out to clear the spool and he obliged and then some. As I get him to the boat, I realize my net is at home, no problem, I thought. As I reached to unhook him he straightened the little hook out with a yank and was gone. He was in the 16 to 18 inch range and was plenty fiesty. He made the morning even more memorable.

Little if any hatch going off under cloudy skies and not much more when it burned off about 10 o'clock.

Lone has been somewhat of a puzzle, not much bug activity on the surface so it's hit and miss for fly choices.

Lots of Canadian Honkers were at the launch, so I got some great feathers for tying.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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