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Looking for a couple lines

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Hey guys, I'm looking for a warm water taper and a saltwater taper (tropical) Would love to find an 8wt outbound short in both freshwater and saltwater, but open to whatever I can find. Thanks!

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I have an Orvis 8wt Bonefish line, used 5 days in Belize. $25 to your door.

Derek just sent you a pm

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Here is what I have, brand new in box, $30 ea.
Tarpon Quick Shooter WF10F
In Touch Rio Grand WF5F
Permit WF10F
3 ea Bonefish Quick Shooter WF8F
Rio Perception WF3F
Tropical Outbound Short WF9F
GT 550 grain
In Touch Perception WF6F
Skagit MAX 450gr
General Purpose Saltwater WF8F
In Touch Rio Grand WF4F
In Touch Rio Grand WF6F
Redfish WF8F
In Touch Deep 7 WF7S7
Tarpon WF10F
StreamerTip WF8F/S6
Skagit iShort 425gr
In Touch Trout LT WF5F
Sink Tip 200gr 24' sink tip
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Here is what I have in SA $30 ea:
2 ea Sharkwave Saltwater Taper WF7F
Saltwater Taper Textured WF8F
2 es Sharkwave Saltwater Taper WF8F
2 ea Sharkwave Saltwater Taper WF9F
Sharkwave Saltwater Taper WF10F
Chard's Grand Slam WF7F
Chard's Grand Slam WF9F
Chard's Grand Slam WF11F
Chard's Grand Slam WF12F
Bonefish WF8F
Bonefish WF9F
Saltwater Titan WF7F
2 ea Saltwater Titan WF8F
2 ea Magnum Tropic Sharkskin WF10F
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Thanks guys. Lines have been found!

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Just following up to add positive feedback. Buyer sent cash upon receipt, good transaction.

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