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Looking for a lake/bay boat

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So I'm kinda in the market for a used lake/bay boat. Something like a 10-12' aluminum boat. Something I can push with a MinnKota, but would also take a small (10 hp, give or take) gas outboard.

I've been watching Craigslist and there are a million of them out there. I came to the conclusion that really don't know a lot about these. Are there any significant differences between a Smoker Craft and a Lund and a Duroboat and etc., etc., etc.

Anybody have any insight - pros, cons, tips, traps, recommendations?

Anybody have one for sale? Newer is better. Definitely need a trailer. Maybe with an engine, maybe not. It's going to live outside so a cover would be nice, minimal wood. Looking to spend less than $3k depending on what's included. Closer to $2k would be better.

Also, probably a stupid question, but how do you tell if a boat takes a short shaft or long shaft engine? Are there benefits or drawbacks to either?
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Measure the height of the transom (back of the boat) to determine the length of the motor required. On a windy day with the wind at your back...a taller transom is better to not have water come over it.

Most 10-12' boats will be short shaft though.

All of the boats you listed are pretty solid. Smokercraft, Starcraft, Lund, and Duroboat are perfectly acceptable small craft. I also wouldn't rule a Livingston in those sizes, as they will be much more stable than the others.

I wouldn't preclude a small jon boat either.
Faced with same scenario, I bought an aluminum drift boat
that has been on lakes, bays,rivers, lakes that are electric only, lakes with no motors, lakes with no ramps, rivers with no ramps, and drift boats hold their value.
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HighLaker I bought for $600. (With trailer) I purchased a new Suzuki 15 hp electric start in Portland for $2650. Seaworthy boat! A 10 hp would be fine. It hauls butt with the 15 hp. This is 12 feet and a 1969 model.
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No cheap if you find a decent used one, but might add Gregor to your list.
I have a 12' Gregor that I use to fly fish from occasionally and drop crab pots and fish salmon near shore.

The Gregor boats are welded hulls. I like welded hulls over riveted.

My transom is 15", short shaft 10hp 2-stroke pushes it along just fine.

Be certain to get a galvanized trailer.

Gregor also made a 13' and 15' boat. Bigger can be better with these smaller tin boats, to a point.

I have owned Lund and Smokercraft boats as well. Both are good boats, but riveted.

Klamath makes a nice skiff, but there are fewer of them in our area, compared to Gregor.
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I am in the middle of mounting a fish finder. You can see in the photo it is not yet complete, with the cabling unsecured.

Bow and stern anchors, seating, side shelf, rod holder are about the only additions I have made.

A smaller boat allows for a smaller/lighter outboard. This pays when you want to pull the outboard off and on between lake fishing and the sound. My 2-stroke Nissan is 58 pounds. Same HP 4-stroke is about 100 pounds. hernia!

I paid $750 for this 1978 Gregor and ez Loader trailer during the winter. (No outboard) Just keep looking.

Not as pretty as the painted 12' Lund was, but I like the hull and it weighs 30 pounds less.

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. A wing nut on holds the transducer in place and then it all easily removes from the boat for storage.


This is straying from your original question, but...

Drilled a hole in the seat and mounted head unit to a PVC product.

Excess cabling stores in 1 1/2 inch PVC pipe on the transom.

It all removes with just the wing nut.

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My 2-stroke Nissan is 58 pounds. Same HP 4-stroke is about 100 pounds. hernia!
Thanks. Excellent info. Component weights. Welded vs. riveted. Galvanized trailer. That's the kind of stuff I'm looking for.
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Thanks. Excellent info. Component weights. Welded vs. riveted. Galvanized trailer. That's the kind of stuff I'm looking for.
You mentioned Duroboat.

I have not owned one, yet. But I like them. They are not welded or riveted, but rather the seams lock together.

I have heard the very old Duroboats had problems with the seams. Some of them have problems with paint coming off, like you see on some vehicles. But they are nice and we're originally made in Snohomish Co, so lots of them still around.

They come in many different configurations;, transom heigth, bow rails, side consol, center consol. And you can still order parts for them.
I have a 2002 Smokercraft Alaskan 14 ft with a 2007 EZLoadergalvanized trailer and 8 HP Merc 2 stroke that will be listed soon. Need to take photos and give it a wash. My email is [email protected] ( take out the XXX's ) if you're interested. $2450.00
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