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Looking To Borrow A Line...

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This is probably a long shot as it's pretty last minute but I'm fishing an OP river on Saturday for the first time in many years. I'm only going on this trip because the captain of the charter boat I worked on last summer is a river guide in Forks over the winter and him, another of our deck hands, and myself made plans at Christmas to get together and fish for a day.

Anyhow, I'm not at all set up for fly fishing rivers any more, and will be mostly gear fishing on this trip, but can't stand the thought of at not at least bringing a fly rod.

I had arranged to hook up with a buddy and borrow an 8 wt floater so I could at least nymph from the boat as we move, but he had a family emergency this afternoon that took him out of state.

Before I give up the thought of bringing a fly rod I thought I'd see if any of you fine Kitsap folks happened to have an 8 wt floater you wouldn't mind lending me for a couple days. Any floating line would do as I'm certainly not in a position to be picky, I just can't justify buying a bunch of new gear for a one day trip that won't be repeated any time soon.

Anyhow, like I said probably a long shot but worth a try. I plan to head south in the morning and fish a beach till maybe noon or so and could easily travel to you if you're in the general area. Would be glad to offer up something in trade, and would be happy to GIFT some fresh canned albacore.

Anyway, if you have something that may work hit me up!
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Sent you a PM
I've got one you can pick up with the vise. On or off reel.
I have one too. 8wt nymphing line. Hit me up if you want to borrow it.
Here's a few you can borrow... good luck.

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Have fun Nick! Hope weather doesn't crush plans. Lots of rain in forecast. If not look forward to a report of the day.
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Nick, if you're not already sourced, you are now. Send me a PMS if the other Kitsap folks haven't filled the need yet.
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Thanks guys. As usual this forum came through in spades. Unfortunately the trip was rained out.
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