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Looking to get into switch fishing

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I am new to this site and would like to get into switch fishing. Mostly for large trout and maybe steelhead. With this being said any suggestions on rod company reel company and lines to match the rods. I have many of single-hand rods but never have gotten in to the switch or spey fishing.
Thank you
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I have had a blast fishing switch rods from 4wt on trout to 8wt for steelhead. I've cast rods from TFO, Echo, Orvis and Sage and have friends with rods from Redington, Beulah, Meiser and Rainshadow. They can be great tools if you get the right one for your needs and get comfortable delivering it in the method you prefer. If you do a search on the site for SWITCH you'll find a lot of previous discussions. Knowing how the rods are rated by their manufacturers (on single handed scales or two handed scales) will help. Knowing the grain windows for the rods will help you find the best lines. Here is a thread I recently added with some information that I have collected while playing with switch rods.

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That will get you into the TFO Deer Creek, Echo, Redington and Beulah switch rods. There may be more. I'd strongly recommend you find a shop that has some and go cast them. When you have the right one in your hands you'll probably know.
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