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Loomis Reels Made By Sth

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Up for sale are couple reels that are sitting in my garage that I hope can be put to use.
I'll ship USPS. PayPal works great, we can work out another payment method.
Please end me a PM with any questions, thanks for looking, Stan

Loomis reels, these came direct from a former Loomis employee - they may be prototypes. New except the last reel. All reels can be set as right or left hand wind.

Loomis Classic 678 with box leather case and spare spool, made in Argentina by STH
4 oz, 3 3/8" diameter, WF6 and 160 yards of 30 lb backing, can be set as left or righthand wind - $165 shipped

Loomis Classic 345 with leather case, made in USA by ?
2.85 os, 2 7/8" diameter, WF 4 and 90 yards of 20 lb backing - $140

I have two Loomis Classic 910 - with cork drag, leather case, and one with neoprene Loomis case, made in Argentina by STH, 6.2 oz, 3 3/4" diameter, 1 1/2" wide - either $150 shipped

STH Neuquen 8, made in Argentina, this is an early model - Used and some wear
5.4 oz, 3 1/2" diameter, 1 1/4" wide- $65 shipped
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Interested in the Neuquen 8 at 65$. What weight rod would you say it would be best on?

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It would be suited for a 5, 6, or WF 7 weight.
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