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Loon hard head

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This used to be good stuff. I tied over a dozen nice baitfish patterns, used the new runny stuff , 3 coats on a drying wheel, and they looked great. After about an hour in the water, the head of my fly started turning milky. Anyone else had this problem? Or remember the old hard head, it was thicker and didn't turn crappy looking?
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It got murky on me too; another tier I know has experienced the same thing.
Maybe I shouldn't worry about it, but it still kinda pisses me off. This is how it turns out
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I doubt that the fish will mind. If you decide you really like it, I can send you another bottle, lol. Fly looks good by the way!
Thanks Jim. I hope the fish don't mind. They seem to really like these big meals.
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No experience with that stuff but I did just get a bottle of the Loon UV Clear Fly Finish Thick and I am really liking it so far. I've had that issue in the past with Clear Cure Goo but this Loon stuff doesn't seem to cloud over at all.
Yeah I'd really recommend going the UV cure route rather than a traditional hard head slow drying stuff. I do have some of the old Loon Hard Head left and it dries clear. The Loon UV stuff cures clear.
I was having all kinds of issues with UV cure until I invested in a good light. Bought the Loon UV Mega Light and now all of my UV Resins seem work as intended (both loon and clear cure, though I prefer Loon now). Had previously been using some cheap POS torch.
Light not working - time for fresh batteries! The more powerful (expensive) ones do work better/faster.
The milky look under the coating is likely water wicking into the materials under the finish.
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