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Loss of access on the EFL

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"What does it mean to limit access to a regional park?
From Dec. 1 to March 1, the gates will be locked, preventing cars from entering the main parking lots. However, pedestrians and bicyclists can still enter. No maintenance work will be performed, including mowing the grass and removing garbage. Playgrounds, and possibly picnic shelters, may be fenced to protect park users and reduce potential liability.

The following parks will have limited access for three months each winter, starting in January 2010:

* Lewisville Regional Park
* Lucia Falls Regional Park
* Moulton Falls Regional Park
* Hantwick Road Trailhead parking lot (between Lucia and Moulton Falls parks)
* Haapa Boat Launch
* Daybreak Regional Park and Boat Launch"

There is a Parks and Recreation Advisory Commission meeting this coming Friday and it's open to the public if you want to voice your concern.

Meeting Time: December 18, 2009 1:00PM to 3:00PM
Location: Water Resources Education Center, 4600 SE Columbia Way, Vancouver, WA
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I guess we will have to launch at the brudge and float all the way to LaCenter. That's a big long day's float but the County doesn't have the money to keep the parks open. Neither do I. Maybe fee access is the answer.
Just looking at the glass half full...perhaps this will have a positive effect on the returning natives...okay may be the glass is a quarter full.

James W,

How will it have a positive effect on the native return? Do fishermen who float the river kill native fish?

If anybody is going to the meeting Friday and wouldn't mind taking me, please shoot me a PM or just call me at 360.513.6599.
No, I was just trying to see a silver lining...perhaps just less pressure, not just by boats but by bank anlers not wanting to park on the roadside because they can't get into the park. The Lower EFL access (Upper end of Lewisville Park down stream), besides the parks, is fairly limited; less pressure means less contact with the native fish, I can't imagine that being a bad thing.

I'm with James on this one. Less pressure and less interest would most likely lead to less plants, and hopefully no plants at some point.

There is nothing that says you cann't get out of your SUV or what ever and stretch you legs a bit and go fish!
Personally I would like to see a lot of this happen! But then I don't fish the parking lot and put and take waters!

I have found over the years that he who is willing to put out the extra effort is rewarded! If you aren't willing to hike the extra mile and go through the extra exertion then you get what you earn! I have a VERY deaf ear to whiners!!!!

SHUT the roads down!

If you want a freebie go fish the Cowlitz or Pine lake or Rattelsnake lake or Reitters Pond!

Easy fella...I'm not sure what pompted that and I'm sure all of us die hard steelheaders agree with you. The real issue was the boat launch closure at Daybreak not ones ability to get out and walk.
The way public access is being closed and sold off, it won't be long until all wild fish are safe from anglers. But the few wealthy enough to afford it, should have some outstanding fishing opportunities on pay to play private land.
The State, Counties, Cities, School Districts all use the same ploy. Cut back vital services or close parks etc claiming they don't have any money. And then it is let us raise your taxes and we will restore these things.

In the mean time gross waste of money continues. I will cite just a few examples. Millions and millions of dollars were given to several different consultants to explore the feasibility of boring a tunnel through the Seattle waterfront. Consultants were hired until they got the results they wanted. And guess what the most expensive option was chosen. The state payed a consultant 1 million dollars to solve the problem of HOV lane designation of 405. Part of 405 had the HOV lane on the right side and another the HOV lane was on the left. A million dollars later the consultant said there was no solution to the problem! The school dist. I worked for, for a little while, has 14 principles plus personal staff in 6 high schools! Exiting off north bound 405 onto I 90 going east there are the fish sculptures hanging off the ramps. How much did that cost? The state cann't account for millions of tax dollars. What is that all about. This list could go on and on!

Maybe when people get fed up with the closures of public property they will do something about who and how our governments do business.

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Wet line, Clark County is reasonably well managed. A big piece of Park’s funding comes from the real estate excise tax. A precipitous decline in this revenue has left us with few traditional options. I find it hard to accept that closing my favorite winter boat ramp is the best or only alternative. If I can get a ride, I go to the meeting later today and find out. Any takers?
Wet line, Clark County is reasonably well managed.
Compared to what... My wifes' campus in Evergreen School District lost 30% of its classified staff this year but Clark County had the money to build a 7.2 million dollar foot bridge from Fort Vancouver over SR 14 to the river front. Just so happens that there's a Levee for school funding on the ballot early next year. We got a brand new library and all kinds of nice health clubs on the taxpayers dole but we can't even fund our schools.

All of this is just a strong arm tactic to squeeze taxpayers so as to get another tax increase passed.

They can keep their parks, I'll hike. I need the exercise anyway.
It is amazing how we have let the government run a muck. Little history about taxes. http://www.essortment.com/all/unitedstatesin_rmhj.htm
As a City Employee, who is on the verge of losing his job due to this budget crisis....
I would gladly close a gate for a few months, and stop mowing the lawn, to ensure I get to keep my job. or any other jobs.

Lots of cuts fellas..... you better learn to adapt and walk.
As a City Employee, who is on the verge of losing his job due to this budget crisis....
I would gladly close a gate for a few months, and stop mowing the lawn, to ensure I get to keep my job. or any other jobs.

Lots of cuts fellas..... you better learn to adapt and walk.
Maybe we can all have what we want. My question is, if Parks intends to let foot traffic in to Day Break, why can't they let us use the ramp? Why would that cost more? If it actually does cost more to let us use the ramp, would a pay station cover the costs? What about a card lock gate?
Honestly, I dont know.

I would think for liability purposes.... Because people will sue.

lets say the gate is open, but no services are being provided....
you go to back your rig down the ramp, and you go all the way into the river..... you get out of your rig, and slip on the wet leaves on the ramp.....

you find out the city stopped paying a guy to do maintenance on the area...

some ambulance chaser will sue the city for millions..... and they will probably win, all because you rolled you ankle on a wet leaf, while driving your truck into the river.... all your fault... but I will now most definatley lose my job..... thanks in part to that leaf.

I know it is a stretch to think, but people will take advantage. so thay close it all off, and fence off all the play equipment...

dude, I dont like it either... but people jobs are at stake.... and I will accept whatever thay throw at me, as an angler, as long as I can still provide for my family.
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I carefully read your response. Thank you. My heart goes out to you. I don’t want you to loose your job in this or the next round of cuts. That said, let’s see if we can find a way to keep the launch at Day Break open.

It seems to me the liability issues you raised apply equally if not more to foot traffic - which will be allowed under the current proposal. There are numerous unimproved ramps around the county that don't seem to be of concern. Why are they different? Plus I'm only talking about that portion of Day Break on the West side of the road. No play grounds there. Nothing there but a parking lot, a shitter and of course the ramp. Gamby, do you anyone who might know the answers to my questions?
Thanks East fork, I appreciate that....
I dont want to lose my job either...

I wish I knew who to talk to.... We, are just as in the dark as you guys....
we have no idea what is gonna happen...

and believe me, I am all for leaving both of those open.... they are great parks, with great access.

And please dont think , whenI say "you" I mean you.
I am leaning to those people who take advantage of a system or a resource.

lets all hope this all works out.
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