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Lost by Cle Elum

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:rofl:Sunday, was fishing the Yak by Cle Elum, lost fly on a snag and when I went to get another I found my fanny pack was gone. It disappeared somewhere between the boat launch just south of Cle Elum and the first big log that's in the middle of the river, probably not 200 yards from the launch. It's a three section, blue waist/fanny pack. Should have been easy to spot in either snow or shallow water, but no luck. There's about three fly cases in it which are no big deal, but I sure could use the prescription glasses that are in it. Anyhow, it's probably stuck down deep somewhere but you never know.
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Sorry to hear that, it's not the kind of report anyone likes to read. I lost a valued box of flies on Rock Creek that I just kick myself in the ass about all the time. I'll keep an eye out for it - will be there on Friday and Sunday. PM me with more specific directions - you're talking about the launch near S. Cle Elum bridge, or 10 and 970?
Very sorry to hear that. Lost flys are bad enough, but perscription glasses are tragic! I'd still be wandering around the woods looking for the parking lot.:rofl:
I will keep a eye out, I hope you get the pack back.
You might post this in the Lost and found, It will stick around longer.

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