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MY 2 cents:

Subsurface soft hackle flies work well for the bigger panfish. Bluegills and other sunfish spawn in shallow gravelly areas just like bass. The biggest fish are spawners. The males will aggressively protect the nest for a while. After the spawn you will find them deeper and they will come up later in the day (if its really warm). Shallow weedy lakes are perfect for bluegill ( and bass) trout don't do as well. I have caught probably 11,000 sunfish on the fly and I have never used a hard body popper. Small dry flies work well. Small ( size 12 or smaller) Deer hair and foam flies work well also. A mixed species lake with Bass and sunfish keeps the little guys from stunting.

My son and I have done well lately for some "hefty" sunfish see pic:thumb:

Good luck!
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