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Lowland lake report

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Saturday morning I headed out for the first fishing attempt of the year. I only get out maybe 8 times a year, so I don't get to report too often. I got to the lake around 6:45 and found only one other boat there. Got the pontoon boat inflated and assembled in time to get on to the water by 7:00. The one thing I forgot was the parking tag, but there was no way I was doing the hour round trip to get it.

I started out trolling a Carey Special and noticed as I went that fish were swirling fairly frequently. Soon, one showed within casting distance (not very far, considering my casting skills). I cast to the spot as quickly as I could and was rewarded with a hook up after only a couple of strips. There wasn't much of a fight, and I was able to bring in the 12" stocker to the boat with no drama. After that I couldn't buy a hit. An hour later a couple of guys launched their drift boat and almost instantly got into fish. After bringing in their third fish in maybe 10 minutes, I had to row on over and ask what they were using. Turns out a light brown bugger was the fly of choice. I didn't have an exact match, but a brownish caddis nymph with a long marabou tail worked pretty good.

Altogether I brought in 7 fish, all more or less identical stockers, with a couple more lost at the boat. Plus plenty of short strikes on that marabou tail. So, thanks to the guy who shared his secret.

After pulling out at the launch I met another fellow who was just getting there. I stopped to chat, and when I told him what I'd learned from the first guy, he told me that he was the one who told the first guy about the fly in the first place! So, thanks to him too for helping us all out.

I know there are those who don't care for the flavor of these little trout, but dusted in corn flower and fried in a little butter, and they made a nice meal for the family.

Although I didn't tie into any of the large fish which supposedly hold over in this particularly deep lake, it was a beautiful morning in a scenic place, and I feel privilaged to have fished it.


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