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Lts Explosive Blue Light 6126-4 12'6" 6/7wt Scandi Secret Weapon

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LTS Explosive Blue Light 6126-4 12'6" 6/7wt Scandi secret weapon. (LOOP Team Syrstad, google it, these are awesome rods!) Condition is MINT with original tube/sock with one exception: On the tip-top ferrule, there is some wear/glue from taping, however structure is perfectly intact.
Retails in the US for 700. Asking: 450$...430$

Shipping will be split 50/50 using cheapest and smoothest methods from Quebec, Canada.
Open to offers, bundles, questions, heyhowyadoin's and wise advice by PM. Also open to trades for salmon stuff, tying materials, Lamson, Meiser or Simms. I can also work out a matching line(s) from my hoard boxes. Paypal works best.


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Tres cool. Belongs in your quiver.
Putting a Monday smile on my face and yours on this killer rod requires a small sacrifice: price drop! 430$
Euro-Scandi Ninjas Wanted for Spring Special Operations.
Will include a membership card printed in your name for the Euro-Scandi Ninja Club with this rod.
I heard somewhere that 420$ is a number that might seal the deal. Also a 420 gr scandi is magic on this rod.
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Bump for a super-slick killer.
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