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With a break in the action at work I was able to make a quick Neah Bay run (if you can call it that) with Anil and Dylan. Left Tacoma at 5pm on Saturday and pulled into Seiku for the night at 10pm. Up at 4:45 on Fathers day and out to Neah Bay to launch.

The weather was not ideal, 1-3ft wind waves, lots of fog, and a non-stop drizzle. We headed out to a spot we've named "death rock" also know as "the dump" to those who surf. About 1/4 mile offshore are 3 mostly submerged rocks, great rockfish and lingcod habitat. When we pulled up I immediately saw rockfish busting bait on the surface. We pulled out the floating lines and proceeded to catch rockfish after rockfish all on the surface. Nothing quite like watching bottom fish launch a couple inches out of the water to slam your slider. We spent around 2 hours at this spot with nonstop action. When the tide went slack things started to slow down so I decided to poke around the rest of the cape. We found fish at every spot we stopped, but not nearly as many on the surface like we had encountered earlier.

Towards the end of the day I decided to drag some flies through a promising rip as we were heading in, king season is open in MA4, about 5 minutes later we trippled up on a school early silvers. They were all wild fish in the 6 pound range, they were quickly released and lines were brought in and we called it a day.

Sadly we all forgot cameras so no pics to attach. Great weekend to be on the water! Hope you all had a happy fathers day.
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