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Made in England Hardy Princess, two extra spools, 3 lines, nice!

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Invest in a quality reel whose value will actually INCREASE!

Made in England (60's?) Hardy Princess with factory case, and two ADDITIONAL spools stored in a leather fleece lined case. Here's the package:

  1. Hardy Princess with original case, backing, and (SA Ultra series?) a good shape WF5F line,
  2. Extra spool with suede leather fleece lined case, with backing and very good shape Cortland WF5S line, and
  3. Extra spool (also in case) with backing and very good shape Cortland 444SL WF5 sink tip line.
The reel is in very good condition, particularly for its age, probably and 8.5 on a 10 scale, and the drag is verrrrrrry smooth with that classic Hardy sound. It has a single screw nickel silver line guide (I don't know the significance, but folks have asked me about it). The spools are in GREAT shape. The spools come in a high quality vintage suede leather fleece lined double spool holder.

This reel and the lines have all your trout fishing bases covered!

Steal it at $240 for the WHOLE PACKAGE!!! Buy it before I change my mind...
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Pending sale (on hold) to David.
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