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Mancation II

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I just came back from a week in Montana with four days of fishing. The weather was difficult for the first two days as we floated the Bitterroot and Blackfoot rivers with heavy winds and gusts up to 40 mph. Had a chance to see a tree fall, and yes they do make a noise. Caught just a few fish both days and nothing on the surface.

Our third day the wind had died and we floated a more remote section of the Blackfoot above Whitaker Bridge and saw some fantastic scenery and experienced some good fishing. Approximately 15 fish this day, great food, and good friends.

Most of the group left and my son and I went to Bozeman to check out MSU and we left there quite impressed. The people were friendly, welcoming, and willing to take time to chat with us without appointments. We met the department chairs for Computer Science and Chemistry and enjoyed their sharing.

After we left Bozeman we headed to West Yelowstone and fished the Gallatin. What a pretty river! Great fishing but small rainbows and cutts. We will definitely be back for Mancation III next year.
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Excellent. No wonder why you are all happy in Happy Valley with trips like this!
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