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Martha & Howard

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fished Howard & Martha on saturday.
Martha was a little warm but not too. got one 12 incher a and couple of little rainbows. shoulda stayed on Martha.
drove over to Howard. Nothing not even a bump. the only guy getting fish was using pop gear and worm combo out in the middle of the lake. he did get his limit though (if you like using that junk).
thats it.
I like Howard, but it gets fished out too easy. did notice a nice May fly hatch happening in the shallows though (not that any trout were interested.
oh well.
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I thought the lake on the north side of I-90 was called George. I did hear Martha fished well this spring. I am not surprised that it has been fished out.

Not many people know about George (Howard??). There could be some real fish in there!!
sorry guys but the lakes i am referring to are on the west side, in the puget sound area.
i wish i had time this year to get over the hump and fish some of those nice lakes in eastern.
your lakes are so much better than ours here. they manage almost everything over here for 2 weeks starting with opening day.
after the opening day crowd gets bored (about 2 weeks) and most of the fish are caught. the WDFW calls it good, job done untill next year.
too bad. only a couple of lakes managed for quality fishing. dont need to mention them, everyone knows where they are.
my 2 cents.
Sorry skyrise,
But a lot of the lakes on the dry side are put and take and only one plant and when those are gone, no more.
The quality lakes get poached a lot and it doesn't take long before the water gets to warm to safely C&R.
"The grass is not always greener on the other side"
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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