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A friend of mine and I went over on the peninsula and fished a year-round lake near just north of Quilcene. You can figure out which one or email me I’ll tell you privately, anyway it’s a quiet place to go without a lot of pressure. It was stock with some triploids 3 years ago, well they have grown a bit and fat as footballs. They were feeding on the chironomid all over the lake, well I’m not an avid fan of chironomid fishing but if you can’t beat’m, join’m! No sooner than I got one out that looked exactly like what was floating on the surface and my buddy tried it on with a strike indicator and threw it out, BAM.!! I was a little slow on figuring out what the heck they were feeding on and when I did the wind came up shortly after and they just stopped feeding. So the rest of time we spend trying to repeat the process but no luck. But it does go to show how matching what you see can pay off. Most of the fish were out in the middle of the lake, nothing to speak of in the shallow water area’s which I usually do pretty good, hmmm.... Anyway I’ll be headed back there in a few weeks as April/May have been the best months there for me.
Jim J
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