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April Membership Meeting
Wednesday, April 4, 2001 7:00 PM
Bothell American Legion Post
19213 Bothell Way NE, Bothell, WA

On Wednesday, April 4th at 7:00 PM, you are invited to join the Wild Steelhead Coalition and other concerned citizens in working to preserve the legacy of wild steelhead in the Pacific Northwest.

General Business Meeting

· WSC Accomplishments & Progress Reports
· WSC Committee Updates
· WSC Proposed Action Plan
· Membership Feedback & Regular Meeting Schedule

For more information contact Duggan Harman at [email protected] or phone 425-481-7537

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[p]For those of us who missed the meeting...

This general membership meeting of the Wild Steelhead Coalition (WSC) was held at the American Legion Post in Bothell, Washington. The following board members were in attendance: Duggan Harman, Rich Simms, Kevin Kent, Dave Bailey, Les Johnson, Ryan Petzold, Jim Starkes and Carl Ostberg, as well as legal advisor Todd Ripley.

Welcome and introduction: The meeting convened at 7:10 p.m., with a welcome by Duggan and introductions of BOD members present. Duggan mentioned WSC's positive press in state and regional publications since last meeting.

Van Gytenbeek confirmation: Les briefed the group on WSC's success in helping Pete Van Gytenbeek get confirmed on the F&W Commission last month, when he was under attack by certain "sportsman" groups. Les put together an "e-mail tree" which resulted in overloading the capitol's server with support for Van. Thanks to all who wrote and called! Senate Natural Resource Committee members scrambled to recommend confirmation, with an 8-1 vote (the chair having to force one nay vote to follow usual policy against unanimous confirmations). Sen. Oke has introduced SB 5021 to require observers on commercial vessels, to monitor by-catch. We should support this bill. Les also emphasized the need for more WSC members.

Treasurer's report: Kevin reported that the WSC treasury holds about $2,200, with hopes for more business support. A major expense was the federal 501(C)3 fee of $500. Other expenses have been for admin/clerical and meeting hall rental ($50./meeting). [One attendee suggested looking into the Everett Labor Temple, as a possibly free meeting site.]

Website: Ryan created a temporary Coalition site at Tripod, and has now passed his work to Bob Ball, who has begun building the main site at www.wildsteelheadcoalition.com. The WSC discussion forum will be moved to this site by late April.

Education programs: Carl outlined plans for speakers at upcoming general meetings:
May: ONP biologist, on Queets system
June: Pat Hewlitt, WDFW genetics
July: NMFS speaker on habitat rehabilitation
Aug: Prepare for Sep. 22 wild steelhead symposium

Membership: Rich announced that WSC's membership is 55 and growing; we need many more numbers in order to accomplish our goals. Special thanks to sponsoring members and higher dues members. Duggan noted that the dues have been changed for "sustaining" members -- from $200 to $350.

Elections for 2001-02: Duggan reminded that elections are scheduled for the May general meeting, as previous board members were considered "interim" directors/officers. The current board will discuss possible changes to the number of BODs, and will solicit nominees for the May election. Biographies of current directors are posted on the new web site.

Other key dates for 2001:
First Wednesdays (except for July 4) = general meetings
September 22 = Wild Steelhead Symposium for FWC
December 5 = general meeting prep for public testimony before FWC
December 6 = public testimony before FWC
December 7 = FWC votes on statewide wild release of steelhead

WSC newsletter: Rich noted that a newsletter is in the works, both by e-mail and hard copy. He is soliciting help in creating this publication, for members and for wider dissemination around the state. He would like a member to volunteer for this job, unless a board member wants to take it on.

Action & Business Plan: Carl and Rich discussed the Coalition's draft plan, previously sent to members for comment, noting that it is a working document. [Comments at this meeting are added in brackets.]

Objective 1, statewide CNR of wild steelhead:
[Terminology was discussed, CNR versus "wild steelhead release." Duggan noted that the difference could affect seasons. Director Koenings seems to be leaning toward wild release. We need to do our homework before taking this issue to Olympia.]

b) Economics: [Need to determine value of wild fish, to businesses/communities.]

c) Genetic diversity: [Terms diversity and purity were discussed; need to use carefully, possibly "purity" for hatchery reform, "diversity" for natural mixing due to straying, etc.]

f) 1995 angler survey: [We may see a new survey this year.]

g) MSY issue: [Wild vs. hatchery may call for exceptions, especially with wild brood stock programs growing. Kelts and bull trout should be considered, too. Carl suggested we focus on wild release rather than techniques, through December. Rich reminded of difference between "selective fisheries" and "selective gear." Duggan asked for audience poll of lures vs. bait fishers; tally was about 50-50.]

i) Forgone opportunity: [Conjecture that the state does not take this as seriously as NMFS. Nate Mantua stated this is related to MSY/MSH, that we need to develop an argument that F/O is not supported by data or science.]

j) Escapement goals: [Seen in some circles as "wastage." Could be outdated terminology from Boldt decision. Preston Singletary believes it to be rooted in old policy. New lessons in nutrient base and carcass placements indicate need for reassessments. Jim Starkes stated need for best hooking mortality data available, to consider harm to smaller and resident fish.]

Objective 2, prepare for symposium: All in agreement.

Objective 3, Hatchery reform:
a) Brood stock programs: [Questions: when do these fish become "hatchery" fish? WDFW considers these programs limited to two-three generations of fish, in order not to dilute their wild genes. This program is new and developing; some take eyed eggs from redds and rear to smolt stage before release. Some are clipped/tagged, some are not. Oregon has good data on brood programs which should be available to us. WA data is poor; we need a speaker on the subject.]

b) Hatchery reform: [We should look at possible carcass return program.]

Objective 4, Issues Committee: [WSC's legislative chair is working on these now.]

Objective 5, Commercial sales: [Save this until after December, and expect flack from tribes.]

General comments:
Dave Bailey encouraged more emphasis on increased enforcement; we can/should be working on this before next legislative session begins, to appropriate more funding.

Need to watchdog the current water/power shortage, looking out for needs of the fish as well as electricity generation, etc..

The meeting was adjourned at 9:30 p.m..

Respectfully submitted,
Dave Bailey, WSC secretary
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