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LOOP - OPTI Megaloop Reel + Xtra Spool

Cleaning out the closet..I have a Megaloop Reel and Spool that I very rarely use for sale.. The Spool is brand new and the reel is in excellent shape with only a few very small nicks. Right hand retrieve.

I've enjoyed fishing with the reel...it's light..perfect for spey fishing...killa drag. Saltwater worthy... I'm just not using the reel anymore and don't foresee myself using it in the future. The Reel retails for $695 and the xtra spool retails for $285. http://www.bearsden.com/page944.html

Asking $450 OBO reel and spool COMBO

Here's some specs:

Weights: 10-11-12-13-14
Diameter: 131mm (5.16")
Width: 32mm (1.26")
Weight: 257g (9.07oz)
Volume: 208 cm3
Capacity: WF12 + 230yd/50#

Other INFO:

"Size matters! No wonder Loop called this reel from the new Opti series Megaloop. It is a massive 131 mm diameter by 43 mm wide. Don't let the size make you think this is going to be a heavy reel. It only weighs 257 grms; this is because Loop have removed every bit of surplus material from the one piece frame. The spool is an unusual design, too, machined from a single piece of aircraft-grade aluminium, it is very well ventilated with a V-shaped profile designed to make the line fall into place on the retrieve. The handle has a smooth, tapered design to stop the flyline wrapping around it, with a counterbalance on the opposite side of the spool.

The sturdy centre column houses the drag mechanism which is sealed with an O ring lined screw on cap that holds the spool on. The drag on this Megaloop model is a dual braking plate design which is silky smooth to protect your tippet. The drag knob on the backplate is a decent size with a knurled, easy grip finish. Instructions are supplied with the reel along with an allen key to alter the preset minimum drag if you so desire. The capacity of this reel is huge, it will take lines #10-14 weight, with a WF12 line it can hold 230 yds. of 50lb backing.

As well as being sealed and waterproof, the reel is also tolerant of saltwater, but, as with all saltwater tackle it pays to rinse down your gear at the end of the day with clean fresh water."

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