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Merrill Lake Report From Last Tues and Sat (Discussion)

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Went to merrill for hex hatch last Tues and on Sat. Tues had a late clearing of morning clouds, probably around 2:30. At spot about 7pm. Found nice sandy habitat for bugs and began fishing. Started with some nymphs, but after about two casts saw a fish rise. Fished Hex drys from that point on although, the hatch was not coming off. Was able to pick up some smaller fish in 12 to 8 inch range on a dry while waiting for hatch. It was not until about 15 minutes before dark that a hatch of hex come off. The hatch was sparse based on what I have seen in previous years in terms of thickness and amount of fish looking up. Picked up 9 fish on drys one was 13-14 inches, cutt throat.

My theory, we all know how fishing theories go, was that the early morning clouds lingering around to the anoon probably caused the hatch to be what it was...less than what I have seen in previous years. So, I decided to wait for a few hot days.

A few hot days later thought Sat had the makings for a nice hex hatch. At about 7 anchored up and tied on my dry. Not a dry snob, but lets face it, I would rather pick a few fish up on drys while waiting for the hatch than throw nymphs. After about half an hour saw my first hex come off. I have a theory about these things. Its like landed a fish on your first cast. You either are walking into one of the top 5 fishing days of your life, or you just landed "the" fish of the day. Well I was able to pick up a couple of fish on drys, but no more hex flys were seen till about 15 mins before dark. Again the hatch was sparse and not what it has been in years past. Landed total of 5 fish. One cut throat in 14 to 15 inch range.

How has everyone else been doing up at merrill? Anyone seen a solid hatch lasting more than 15 mins with a dense covering of bugs? I think it would also be interesting to hear what theories are out there. Is it the wet spring? Will we get decent hex hatches, or is the it for 2010 hex at merrill?
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