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If any of your are so inclined and want to make a trip up to b.c. Micheal and Youngs puts on a spey clave each year that is pretty damn cool...

Last year I believe there were over 200 guys/gals at it...good food, raffles, good presentations, chance to try out a ton of gear..

It's at peg leg bar on the Fraser river...I would contact M & Y's for directions if interested...

I go to this clave every year and it is allot of fun and really good people...

Here's an exert from Dave O'Briens emal..

Greetings fellow anglers

I just wanted to do a brief note on the coming Spey Day, and also to provide an update on our upcoming courses.

Spey Day Raffle Update – I am delighted to provide on update on the Raffle Prizes for our upcoming Spey Day – Saturday April 17th. There will now be 2 Grand Prizes as in addition to the Hatch Mid 9 Reel as mentioned in the last update, Scott has so generously donated a T2H Spey Rod as well! And as for the Maui Jim Readers with the new HT lens – there are now 2 pairs to give away for 3rd and 4th prize! Again, unlike previous years, you have to be present at 3:00 PM when then raffle takes place in order to claim any of the top 4 prizes. You don’t need to be present to win any of the other cool secondary prizes such as flylines, hats, DVD’s, etc. I should also note that there will still be another spey casting demo immediately following the 3:00 PM raffle.

If you want to find out more you can call them at their Surrey store..1 604 588 2833

Thought I'd pass it along...If any of you come up, I drive a blue FJ and will be around it somewhere yapping away and puffing on a stoogie...
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