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Went up to the Middle Fork yesterday afternoon after work. Got to the river at around 4:30. The water is running really low. Where the river widens out, the water seemed almost stagnant as we drove by. We fished below the suspension bridge at the trailhead and I did pretty well fishing with a dry and dropper. A bunch of 4-6" fish were going after my dry, but they weren't taking it. I caught a few 8-10" fish (about the largest I have ever caught there) all on the dropper. I caught a few more in the smaller 4-6" range all on the dropper and my buddy caught a few that size on his dry. The river was lowest I have ever fished there. The water is so clear that I could see smaller fish flashing and chasing after my dropper. There were areas exposed that I had never seen dry before. The water is really clear, but the pools are farther between now that the water is really low.

Good luck to you if you make it out there.
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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