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I was wonder how everyones first-half of the year went? I had one of my better first-halfs at the lakes and rivers I normally fish. Here is a brief review of a few.
Merrill Lake: I started fishing Merrill the first of June and had good results. The fish were in excellent conditions. I caught my biggest cutthroat 16" for the lake in mid-June. The browns they stocked last year seem to be doing well and I would guess they will be around 12"-14" by October, which is my favorite time to fish it.
Coldwater Lake: I had one of my best days of fishing every at Coldwater in June. I caught 10 cutts and bows that were a thick 18"-20" and one bow around 22". My forearm was sore after that day. The fishing slowed with the warmer weather. In my experiences Coldwater fish fight harder than any other fish I've caught.
Castle Lake: This is the first year since 1994 that I've not fished Castle before the end of the July. I did speak to some WDFW personal who conducted a lake survey there in early July. They only caught 11 fish, which is horrible for Castle. On the up side, they did catch one over 16", which they havn't done in a few years.
Does anyone else have any reviews?
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