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Minn Kota 30# thrust, 30" shaft

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I am getting ready to order a new one in the next few days but wondered if anyone had a used one in real good shape that they wanted to sell. Maybe moved up to a more powerful model or a longer shaft. Whadaya got?

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Michael, I saw those advertised and started to order one. When it came time to pay for shipping they wanted an additional $8 surcharge on top of the regular cost of shipping plus tax. So essentially the price wasn't $89.95 but $97.95 plus tax and shipping for a motor with a 1 year warranty. At Amazon I can get a brand new one with a 3 year warranty for $114 plus tax with free shipping.

That is probably the way I will go. I quit buying from Cabela's several years ago over these very same draconian shipping charges. I was buying breathable waders from them at the time but every pair leaked. I had to send them back on my own nickel each time and it just got old. Once I bought Simms I never had another leak. Cabela's just charges way too much for shipping while other outfits charge less or nothing at all. Hell, I recently bought a beautiful new LG refrigerator from a company in New York. It was $300 cheaper than I could buy it at a Sears store 40 miles away and it came with free shipping and no tax!

That's a hard deal to beat on Social Security income. Ive
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Jesse, Very interested! Thanks for the offer. If you get a chance check them out as that is a very good deal. I have to go to Spokane next week so I could pick one up then. But if they just have one left-buy it! I pay promptly-just go light on the surcharge!!

1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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