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Yesterday morning I headed out at first light to a spot I hadn't fished in a long time and had never fly fished before. After a short hike I reached my destination. I stepped up to the shoreline and immediately spooked one of the largest bonefish I have ever seen. Well, at least the species I was targeting was around.

I started casting out from there hoping that one of his friends was still around. After a couple casts a fish took my fly. After a decent fight I had a half pound papio to hand.

There was a really strong offshore wind, so I decided to move down the beach a little to where casting would be more bearable. After a bunch of casts a fish hammered my fly and immediately began taking line. Then it started jumping. I got a good look at the fish and it looked like a bonefish, but it was jumping. I kept thinking, do bonefish jump?

The fight reminded me a lot of a really good Coho fight. The fish made many good runs and provided lots of acrobatics. I was finally able to bring it to hand and landed this:
Fin Underwater Kitchen utensil Fish Marine biology

This was the first awa'aua (Hawaiian ladyfish) I've ever caught. The day ended with losing one other fish, having a big omilu (Bluefin trevally) come right to my rod tip, and landing a roi. All n all it was a fun morning with a unique mix of fish. I didn't get my bonefish, but am even more excited about the Awa I caught. In all of the years fishing Hawaii growing up I never caught one, and my first trip with a fly rod I unexpectedly caught one.
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Cool report. I caught a Hawaiian Ladyfish on CI earlier this year, they can get pretty long. Good luck catching the big bonefish.
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I hope to catch a bonefish, but almost want to hook a big trevally more.
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Nice! Ditto on the coho similarities. I was telling the guide I fished with in Baja that ladyfish deserve much better billing than they get. I'd be happy spending a week walking the beach with a 7wt outfit catching nothing but ladyfish. I'll pass on cornetfish though (just say no-no to nuu-nuu).
Yeah, not a fan of the slimy coronet fish. If you catch one you'll catch a bunch more. The also seem to be more abundant in areas you'll find bonefish.
Awesome fish. I was in hawaii last year, although i didnt have my fly rod with me, and wasnt a very competent (read: still aren't) fly caster then.

I also have a redington path 5 wt for trout, going to pick up the 8 wt path outfit for rockfish and salmon, awesome rod!
Yeah, fishing for salmon from the beach has definitely helped my casting. I have a lot fewer wind knots and break off a lot less flies in my back cast. It has also given me the confidence to fish in windy days like yesterday.
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Cool fish! Fishing the tropical salt is always so fun.
Awa awa, ladyfish, poor man's marlin. Great bait for roosters in baja. I used one today as a charlie to get some mahi to the back of the boat. Tons of papio around right now. Good luck on the bonefish. Mems.
There's phenomenal ladyfishing around Jupiter in the winter and they're huge. Most of the records are set around here. It's not sight fishing but for a consistent blind casting bite they rock.

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