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MLK Day Outing

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Landed one nice fish 24" plus and lost two nice ones.
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Haha was that you out there today?
forget the net, where did you get that hat?!!!
Sorry, that's the gin talking. That's a nice fish, way to go.
Nice fish. Man that is the darkest bow I've ever seen.
That's the Gin talkin- that's funny.

The gals cup-holder is great. That's the white trash cup holder! And the BK crown is the topper.
Nice 'bow - probably dark from all the cloudy sun-deprived days we've had.

Nice avater Stewart! :)
Can't help wondering, where in the heck do you get all those nifty avatars? Personal photo album 'er whut?

I will leave it to your imagination. (they are my fly tying buddy's)
Covington, I got the hat at Nike Town in Madrid last summer, pretty sweet huh?
Kyle, I like to give myself he benefit of the doubt when the fish is hanging off both sides of my stripping apron, it only measures up to 18 inches. I could could settle for 22", or just call it big. 24" sure does sound good though haha...
To everyone else thank you for the compliments.
And thank you Peter for netting it.
When I netted the fish and took the picture I guessed it to be all of 22'. Interesting.....it was a post spawn female in very poor condition. The name is Larry....not Peter. Jesse says thanks for the PBR. Did you catch any others?
Sorry Larry. I figured that you were Peter based of the question he asked. Anytime on the PBR and thank you again for netting and taking the picture. I did not catch anymore, lost one more. How did the salt treat you on the way home?
nice. where did you get your net?
I need a net like that. So I don't have to bend these old bones over to net a fish.
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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