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Montana ideas

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My dad will be headed east to Minnesota and will be in or around Missoula on Saturday. I told him I'd put this up and see if anyone had any river/guide suggestions. He's armed with a 5WT, and he'll probably want to target trout. He's pretty novice fisherman and he's open to getting a guide, but he's also pretty cheap haha.

So, any ideas would be appreciated! Especially guides that are good with novices but have reasonable rates. I'm really trying to encourage the guide thing for him, but we'll see.

Thanks guys

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John Cook, Backdoor Outfitters in Stevensville. I've known John for over 20 years and he's a really great guy and excellent guide. My wife's first float trip was with him on the Bitterroot (late 90's). His wife Pat (who passed away in 2012) was an awesome person and made everyone feel like they were staying at their own home. A real no-nonsense, salt of the earth outfit.

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Thank you! I checked out his website and I'm going g to suggest him to my dad. My mom coincidentally died in 2012 so maybe they'll really bond over that or something. And it sounds like he likes to reach beginners. Thank you!

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