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Montana Video Report

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Had a fun trip to Montana with long time friends new to fly fishing. Ushered them on their first fishing trip to Big Sky. Had a blast. Top of August. Spent one day on the upper Madison guided by Julie & Chris Eaton of Eaton Outfitters, Ennis MT. Two drift boats... fantastic time with these folks! Highly recommend them!

The link is to a 5:10 video from parts of our trip. Ended up on the Madison, Gallatin, Taylor, Big Hole & Bitterroot.

We all are bluegrass musicians... had our instruments with us, picked every night and took in the Pickers's Festival in Livingston. Aahhhh... it was a great trip, good fishing, great music, gallons of beer and loads of laughs!


The graphic? When I took this picture of our friends, all I could think of was photoshop! Had to honor their pose and trip... apologies to the art community

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To tell you the truth, I was havin' a real crappy evening 'till I watched your video....just prefect!!
Cheered me up and put me in a happier place.
Excellent job and thank you!
Can't ask for more than a fishing trip with good friends. Thanks for sharing.
Fantastic. Fished the Gallatin and the Taylor Fork last August (2009) with the wife and kids myself. Boy did those rainbows luvvvv them hoppers, baby! Great time - thanks for sharing.
Great little video. THanks for sharing
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