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One and all....
The following e-mail has just been sent to the WSC membership. I'm forwarding it to all of you to emphasize that we have a fight on our hands and that factions opposed to catch and release are mounting a fierce campaign to retain a "catch and kill" fishery on wild steelhead. To date mail for "catch and release" is running ahead of "katch and kill".
However, we cannot allow ourselves to become relaxed or think we have already carried the day. We have not carried the day and will not be able to send up a rousing cheer until we see "catch and release of all wild steelhead in Washington without exception" written into the regulations.
There is still time to get your e-mail into the WDF&W stating your case for "catch and release". Snail mail will likely not make it in time by the December 7 deadline.
Also, if you can make it to the hearings on Saturday to testify or help us with a show of strength, please make plans to do so.

Evan Jacoby
[email protected]


Les Johnson
Wild Steelhead Coalition

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From: Les Johnson
Sent: Wednesday, December 05, 2001 5:25 AM
Subject: Hearings

Rich, This message should be forwarded to our membership.

The opposition factions to "catch and release of all wild steelhead in Washington with no exceptions" has learned to use the e-mail system and is sending in a flood of letters to WDF&W and the F&W Commission stating their own case. They are leaning hard on two issues to justify a continued kill fishery). Both of these angles are bogus:

1. That we should be able to fish on runs still considered healthy
We really don't have any healthy runs if you look at historic numbers (which are also, in part bogus). And many runs (Skagit, Sauk, Stillaguamish, Skykomish) that once were healthy are no longer healthy.

2. That the Tribes will take fish if we don't take our full share.
The Tribes have not stated that they will take any that we don't kill in a sport fishery. This may be a bridge to cross at sometime in the future but as of now it is not an issue of contention.

Les Johnson
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