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I have 13 sweet winter steelhead flies. These flies will cover high water low water and the perfect water between. The flies I have are as follows.
-3 candy canes #6
-3 dumbell eyed steelhead buggers #4 (black and blue, black and pink, black and purple)
-1 egg sucking leech #8
-1 articulated show girl #4 about 4 inches long
-2 rabbit leeches #4 (pink, Purple)
-1 dumbell eyed show girl #1
-1 black and pink tubefly no hook( i dont have any spares right now)
-1 big articulated show girl. Very fluffy. about 4 inches long.

I am asking $18.00 shipped for these flies. They are a great set of flies that fish well. Send me a pm with any questions. Sold Pending payment

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