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Moses Coulee Lahontan Trout

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THE ROAD IN...............

This past Thursday I hitched my pram's trailer (complete with pram) to my truck and headed north to a Lahontan fishery that @Irafly reported on last year. I was pleasantly surprised to find the parking lot/launch completely empty when I arrived about 7:30. I got my pram floated and loaded with gear and rowed out to the main lake. I spent some time rowing around looking for midges hatching, or, for that matter, anything hatching. I couldn't find any midges (didn't really see any the entire time I was on the water).

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I anchored up on one nice drop off and began trying to fool a big toothy Lahontan. They weren't having any part of my offerings on this particular drop off so I decided to head across lake to "S--t Rock" (there's a story but I can't repeat it, if you're ever in Desert Fly Angler, ask Darc). On the row over, I started marking fish and got a dandy "trolling" (my least favorite way of catching trout).

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A toothy Lahontan, they grow them pretty big in this lake.

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I saw five deer along the shoreline but didn't see any antlers, I guess the antlers that Ira picked up last year were a fluke?

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@Starman77 met me on the lake, his drive is significantly longer than mine, I'd been at it for a couple hours by the time he started fishing. It didn't take Rex long at all to find fish. He's a great caster and figured out a technique to get fish when they were in his vicinity. I won't share/spoil his technique/fly..... but here he is netting a nice 19-incher.

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The bite for me wasn't that good. I think the water needs to warm up to stack fish in thermoclines. On the day we were fishing the fish were spread out. I did mark fish all over the lake but we thought perhaps they were swimming in pods or schools.

Everyone who has fished this lake knows about the wind, yup, WIND. It can blow. I was looking south over my shoulder at some monster thunder heads and the wind was picking up. As noted, the bite wasn't that good (I did land six fish....) so I rowed back to the launch and trailered the big boat.

In hearing from @Starman77, I left at a good time. Our friend, the WIND and some rain, visited Rex before he left for the day.

Maybe this coming Wednesday I will give it another try.
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