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moving to Texas from Seattle

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Hey what are the best spots to hit between here and there. :THUMBSUP

I know loaded question, I need to have wading acess.

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New Mexico offers a lot more than the San Juan... although not many will let you in on the good spots. This year has been particularly dry, but some tried and true spots include: the Red River just above the confluence with the Rio Grande, the Pecos River above the Village of Pecos, the Rio Costilla below the reservoir and nearby Latir Lakes, and the Rio Grande by Pilar. The San Juan is the grandaddy of them all- be ready to practice your dead-drift technique and stop by the local shops for the latest reports.

Southwestern Colorado has some nice spots as well... the Dolores and the Animas rivers will fish nicely in fall.

As a New Mexico native, I was spoiled fihing some of these spots...I don't quite understand how some of these beautiful rivers up here don't carry the same population of trout as we seemed to have in Colorado and New Mexico.

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1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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