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I am soon moving to Tacoma. I am a Service Member. I am an AVID Flyfisherman from Idaho. I have never fished for Salmon or Steelhead, but CANNOT WAIT to do so. I am moving to Washington for the sole purpose of flyfishing when I am not working. What do I need to know to have some success once I get there? I hate crowds! Where can a new guy go to find some good fishing that is off the beaten path.

When, where, and HOW do you catch a steelhead on a fly?
When, Where, and HOW do you catch salmon on a fly?
Is there any good trout fishing near Tacoma/Fort Lewis?

I do not know if the same techniques and patterns that work in Idaho will make Washington fish succumb to the fly.

I am just searching for some info so that I can hit the water as soon as I get there. Anything that you guys can enlighten me on will be a great help. Thanks!!!


1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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