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>When, where, and HOW do you catch a steelhead on a fly?

Most steelhead are caught by fly fishermen when they enter rivers to spawn. There are 2 major runs of steelhead: Summer, the fish enter the rivers in May-August and live until the spawn in the winter. These are the easiest to catch for the fly fisherman. Many, but not all rivers in Washington have summer run fish. The how is a very big question. Read Trey Comb's "Steelhead Fly Fishing" or any others. For a brief intro read what is online at: http://www.FlyFishSteelhead.com/.

>When, Where, and HOW do you catch salmon on a fly?

Many fish are caught on the beaches by fly fishers casting toward fish that are actively feeding. Others are caught similar to steelhead, but right when they enter the rivers in the fall.

A good book on this is Les Johnson's "Fly fishing for Pacific Salmon".

>Is there any good trout fishing near Tacoma/Fort Lewis?

I am not quite sure what you mean by good, but a article in NW Fly Fishing mag on the Deschutes River in Washington turned my head. If you like lake fishing see www.washingtonlakes.com for reports on lake fishing. SeaRun Cutthroats are in the sound everywhere if you would like that sort of fishing.

But if you mean "quality" fly or selective gear waters, well Rocky Ford, Dry Falls Lake, Lake Lenore and the Yakima River are all equidistant from Seattle or Tacoma over Snoqualmie Pass. But quite frankly there are more trout in this state in every stream than most guys can imagine, so if you fish away from those areas and all the others that get overfished, you will be in quality trout water, too.

1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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