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Mukilteo State Park

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So I am headed up to the Mukilteo State park tomorrow with my lady and dog and was wondering if this is a good place to target any fish... sea runs? salmon? I have no experience fishing the salt and any help would be awesome!!!

Thanks everyone and have a great weekend!

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If the weather is like it is right now good luck! It gets pretty busy there at the boat ramp. That beach can get crowded in a hurry too.

Although I have heard that if you are willing go a ways down the beach, to the south, people do fish down there for salmon. I haven't done this myself so it is only hearsay.

Good luck.

Keep an eye out for two german shepard dogs. One attacked our standard poodle today to the tune of 30 some odd stiches. Mukilteo only has a part animal control officer...

Other than that, SRC's are around structure to the north of the ferry.


Good things come to those who wade...
Thanks Roper I will keep an eye out for the dogs and they might be looking down the business end of my XP :thumb Sorry to hear about your poodle that sucks..

Tight Lines,

Mike:beer1 :beer1
sorry to hear about your dog, the same thing happened to our 4 week old golden retriever puppy about a week ago. Off Jewell road, (in turners corner/clearview area)two german shepards got loose from their owner and bit up my puppy and my girlfriend got nipped too. i wish more people would actually ACCEPT the responsibilty you take on when you get a dog! not only to keep them under control ,but also to raise them in a way so they wont attack.

just my 2 cents,
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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