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My “Man Cave” now has running water…

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Wednesdays thunder, lightening, and monsoon rains gave my “Man Cave” running water, unfortunately is came running in my back door and flooded the “Man Cave”, a hallway, stopping just two feet into my bedroom! I spent the last three days with blowers and dehumidifiers running nonstop. Just got done ripping out the 14’ x 24’ of wood laminate flooring that was ruined. bawling:

My computer was on the floor, it’s a good thing I mounted the rubber feet on the case, because there was ¼” of water under it and the water did not get in to the motherboard. :thumb:

I think it is time to kick Red Green off my pontoon boat and place it on the floor for insurance. :cool:
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Nice wheel system, Mikey! Sorry to hear about the flood! Cheers, Rad-man.
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