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Just finished my 3rd rod build.
I wondered what a dark themed rod would look like, so I built one.
Rainshadow RX7 IST1144F 9'6" mod/fast 10-17 3/8-1 M
Microwave guide system with 10 Duralite running guides and matching Nanolite tip.
Fuji TVSTJS size 17 reel seat with decorative Red Carbon insert and Polyurethane Arbor.
Hand turned Dark burnt cork with cork rubber end caps.
Black aluminum Alps winding check with 2 high end checks in the split (I forgot the brand name)
Red and Black thread with Silver, Red and Pewter metallic.
3 coats of Diamond II epoxy.
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Patrick, what an incredible job you did on the wraps and finish! That's just not something you see everyday. Rather astonishing that anyone would reach that level of quality so soon.

I can't recall the last time I heard anyone reference Diamond epoxy. To begin with, I don't think it's available through many sources. And I thought D-II was supposed to be a standard (High) build finish, yet you used three coats and still kept the thickness down. And extremely level, too. Was there a reason you chose D-II over other epoxy finishes, or have you used one of the others before?

You may not be a professional builder, but you just did a first rate, professional job.


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Thank you, I appreciate the kind words.
When I build, I try to get every part the best I can, paying close attention to every single detail during the build process.
I think DII is only sold at 1 place. I'm surprised that more places don't sell it.
I tried ProKote and I hate the stuff. The cure feels like a harden glue stick and takes a long time to get a somewhat decent cure.
The DII is perfect. The cure is hard and durable. You can rub your nail over the top of the epoxy after 24 hours and your nails slides off it like glass.
I also use a Sable style brushes. I use to use the disposable rod building brushes, but after trying out the sable type brush, I never looked back. Well, actually I did try one again, but after about 1/2" I tossed it and picked back up my sable brush :p
I will post a picture of my second rod that I recently built. I spent alot more time on that one as I was testing myself.
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