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My 9lb 1oz fishing buddy

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My wife just gave birth to our first baby. She is 9lb 1oz 21.5" long and worth the 20 hours of labor my wife had to deal with. Now I just can't wait till she get a fly rod in her hand.
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Congratulations Dad and Mom! :thumb:
Well done you guys.:)
Congratulations to the new parents..:beer2:

So what is her name??
Congrats dad..you now have 2 beautiful ladies in your life. I have a feeling that you are already thinking of a pink designed fly rod to present to her on her first bday.
Awesome ladies there Tyler. I'm sure you are thinking of a million and one things. You'll have ample time to select the right blank, cork and hardware for her first flyrod. I wager it will be a father's custom build with some delicate artistic wrapping and trim.

Congratulations Dad. Here is to everyone's health and well being.
Congratulations to you and your wife. That is one beautiful baby.
Happy for you guys as I know the feeling. Good looking kid Mom and Dad.
Congratulations Dad.
Congrats to you both! My little guy is just over four months now, and it's quite the journey. Enjoy every minute. She is a gorgeous baby.
I have the blank picked out already. It will be on her wall soon. heh thanks guys
Cute smolt! Congrats to you both.
Congrats! You'll soon find that fatherhood is awesome :thumb:
Congrats!!!!!! That's awesome!!!!
congrats Tyler! my little girl could be here anytime. can't wait. i wish you guys the best!
Congrats, you'll have to cut down on the fishin toys now. Enjoy Nordstrom's little girl section, I did. Cabelas has pink stuff.
Congratulations Tyler! She is definitely a keeper.
Wow the miracle of life, it never gets old. Congratulations to both of you on your new journey up the stream of life. May it be a fulfilling one.
Congrats! Hatchery or Native?:rofl:

My little girl starts High School this year...scary!
Congrats Tyler....no one I'd rather fish with than my little ones!
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