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My apologies

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I am going to make a public apology for the picture I posted earlier today. I dont know what I was thinking..it was early in the morning and I was intending on a more playful attitude as I normally do :bawling ...Never again will I partake or post in such a manner.

~Patrick ><>
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What was the picture of, I couldn't find it inthe forum?

The picture was of a sucker incorrectly handled by my father, whom some have made refference to as a fool...I dont appreciate the comment but I will not pursue the matter because it will just fuel the fire of current.

I just want to go fishing again and catch another steelhead...it was such an awesome experience to finally catch one of those beasts. Rumor is the the next few weeks will be hot....see ya on the water.

~Patrick ><>
I know your from EWA but I was curious what river did youget your steelhead on?

Is this a test Mcr ;-).

I tell you this and only this; it is in south eastern washington....the furthest destination I could find from all you angry west siders :p :p :p ....of course im joking around here so no hate mail please :rofl

~Patrick ><>
I used to know it all---but now that I'm older I seem to forget it all.

I don't know why you took that picture off I saw nothing wrong with it as I thought it was on the lighter side of fly fishing. Some people don't like to handle fish and I'm one of them. If the fish isn't Trout or Salmon I try not to put my hands on it. Mental block I think. But I liked the picture. By a semi Team Rugged wanna be.

I dont think my old man could agree with you more. Thanks Jim.

~Patrick ><>
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