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My Fred F Paddock Collection

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I thought I'd share my collection of Fred Paddock Rods!
My first Paddock rod was the Steffen 8'3" 5/6 3 piece
The next Paddock I acquired was the 7'9" #4 Lemon Drop from the first series of Lemon Drops!
Fred offered a second series of Lemon Drops and we worked out a trade of sorts
and I had Fred build me a 7'10" #3 . I had Fred step out of his normal box of builds.
I had him put an Agate stripper on and Ferrule rings installed.. When the rod was shipped the shipping company damaged the tube! I had Kancho build me a Lemon Drop tube for it, and Fred sent me a new label to apply!
The next rod is the actual reason I'm posting this!
As this rod is the very first rod built under the Fred H Paddock Label
It's the brown blank series 8' #5 serial number 001
I'm very uncomfortable fishing this special rod, so I contacted Fred and we decided it should be back in Fred's possession! So I will have a different Paddock rod in my quiver and Fred's first rod will be back home..
I hope you enjoy the rods I've photographed as much as I do..

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A couple more pics to show how translucent the Lemon Drops are..

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Plant Handwriting Wood Line Font
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