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About a month ago I was lucky enough to discover a new fishing partner. It turns out that my 5 year old niece loves to go fishing. She has more patience than any 5 year old I've ever met. She seems to enjoy just riding in the boat and asking all kinds of questions. So far we've been to West Medical lake, No Name lake and Chapman lake.

We always have a great time. We have plenty of snacks, games and coloring books so that we stay entertained. In fact we can usually fish for about 5 hours before she gets tired.

The only problem is that we never seem to catch anything. I know that it's probably because of the hot weather. But even fishing a nightcrawler below a bobber has failed to yield even a single sunfish.

So the questions is, where in the spokane area can I take her that we'd be almost guranteed to get in to some type of fish. I know that our lack of fish is probably due to user error on my part. I just don't know anything about fishing for warm water species. At this point I don't care what we catch. I just want her patience to be rewarded. Thanks in advance for any beta.
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