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LOL Bob. I can say I've been blessed growing up. Fished alot of places, and as an exchange student in Europe got to fish alot of nice rivers/streams across the continent. But I have a friend who takes my true stories and WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY one ups them. Was talking about what I had saw one day on the river. A mouse had fallen into the river and I saw a steelhead come up and take it. Told him I was gonna try tying up some mouse flies and try them out on the stream (they do work occasionally to during the summer). I got the long story how when he grew up in Michigan, he and his friends took LIVE mice and put them on hooks and cast them out. They caught tons of over 30 (yes, 30) pound steelhead on these things. :rolleyes Another time this same guy was sitting around a few of us that have been to the UK to fish atlantics, well out came the story when he made a weekend trip over there with his rich girlfriend to fish on some Lords estate and caught some damned nice fish with some bait he bought (from all I remember, it's fly only on atlantics on the beats lol). But he had a one up for everything. Now, must of us won't talk around him. He's begged us to take him fishing, but we all fear the "Boblawless leech scenerio" mentioned above. ;)
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