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Sunday afternoon, after the morning chores it was my time to go and do some river exploring. When we moved into our Yak home last September I haven't taken enough time or had much luck wading the river. I look for signs of fish as we take our morning and evening walks even though I'm completely not sure where to look. I did see a nice cutt surface last time I was out wading and that's all I saw. I was starting to think I wouldn't see any more in this stretch of water.

I entered about a 100 yards up above the "spot" I remembered seeing him. As I started in the river I shot my dry fly up into a hole beneath an overhanging tree…First cast caught the branches and my little exploration wasn't going to well. I decided to tie on a Lil' Kim steamer to see if I could do any better.

I worked my way down river and coming around the corner I saw an occasional rise near another overhanging tree at the end of a seam created by a rock. When I finally got near the area I let the fly swing around and as I was starting to strip my line…"Yahoo!" I brought in a beautiful 16" cutt and looked to be the same one I'd seen 2 weeks prior. Again I let the fly swing to the "spot" nothing…and another swing then "Wham!" another hit only this time he came straight up and out of the water to show me what he was made of. A healthy 14" bow that fought pretty hard. After a few more tries then I proudly left and headed for home.

On the way back I pass a small bank of rocks and feeling pretty good about my outing I hopped around on them as I roll casted across. In a split second I missed a rock or leaned the wrong way and found myself head first in the fast moving current just missing my head on a rock while losing my net and sunglasses…Wow! Lesson learned!

The beginning and end of my 2 hour river exploration didn't go to well but the rest of the outing was the best!

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That's awesome!

I mean... Oh who am I kidding? We've all been there. :p

If you can't laugh at yourself, don't even bother smiling. :)

Glad you're okay though!
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