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So, if any of you have been monitoring eBay for fly lines, you probably saw the item for "5 unknown fly lines" being offered, so in the vein of Barnum-Hannum , I won the bid for 15 bucks.

Now the hard part, I need to figure out what I have.

With all the knowledge buried in the minds of the readers of this forum, perhaps someone can provide a way to figure out what these are.

Any SERIOUS help would be appreciated, comic relief notwithstanding.

The one where I ask the guy where he got them from has already been made by my wife, so that one is taken.

Thanks for your help.


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You have some great string for hanging christmas tree ornaments next year ...!:rofl:

Basic bullshit info you probably know-

The brown and dark green should be sinkers
The yellow orange for sure, floaters, and probably the light green too-

Quickest way to get in the ballpark , compare diameter visually to lines you have and know the weight of at given lengths, then try them on the rods you have that match up . Not all rods that have a line weight designation absolutely need that numbered line on it. Next deal would be a grain scale if you want to get techy... The given length you measure at could be misleading if you have a line with a longer belly, you'll have to use your judgement on that.

As long as you don't throw a 8 wt. line on a 4-5 weight rod, you should be cool to test them out-
when you test them, just lay out the test lines on the ground and unspool 30+40 ft.
Leave the reel of the rod on the ground , and test the line, then unstring and go to each line. Gives you a different " feal"
And saves you from haveing to sting each line up on your reel, quick way to see what youv'e got -

You may find a line that's a little heavy, but great for throwing a bugger on a windy day, or something a tic light but great for a 20 adams on a small pond...

Good luck, good deal on them too-


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Thanks LL, the ornament suggestion will probably be the end result of this effort, but I thought I would give it a try.

Here are some of the notions I had regarding these lines.

I have a 6 weight rod, with some lines that I am very familiar with so I can get a feel on how they act with different lengths. Then I would swap out some of the mystery lines and get a feel from them also.

I am with you on the colors, the darker ones are sinkers, the lighter ones are sinktips or floaters.

I have a notion they are Northern Sport lines as their colors are similar to what they offer. I am assuming of course they are all from the same source as they still feel and look "New" nicely coiled and bound with pipe cleaner wire.

They don't look like the normal SA, Rio, Cortland, Airflo or Teeny lines. Does anyone know of any more manufacturers other than the ones I have identified already that I might be able to go online to see what they offer?

I think I read somewhere there is a resource that has documented all the fly lines made in regards to their weigh, taper profiles, colors and sink types. If anyone can point me there, I would really appreciate it.

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Hey Jim, I've got an Umpqua line scale which I'll be happy to bring to the next HL meeting. You can use it to measure the first 30 feet of each line to find out what the line weights are. Lemme know by PM if you're planning to be there.


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Getting the weight as menioned will be the most significant part of the puzzle. Getting the manufacturer might not be as critical. Are there any markings at all on the lines, even hard to see faint and tiny print at either the backing or tip end? Some manufacturers put these types of markings. Do they have welded loops up front? Again, this might shed some light on manufacturer, some use them and some don't. If you find them to be weights not necessary for your needs you could possibly have a lifetime supply of chop and weld source for making your own loops.

At least you bought into the uncertainty. I create that uncertainty for myself by using labels that wash off my spools, ink that bleeds off the lables or lazy practices of not properly tracking and identifying lines on spools as I move them around to find backing/line/spool fits that feel best for me on particular rods. All that tinkering has me questioning two or three lines in my collection. For 15 bucks you likely got a hell of a deal.

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Mumbles would you please fix the typo in your signature line, it is driving me nuts:rofl::rofl:
BTW where and when did you THOW out the ceremonial pitch?
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